Jackson-Via Elementary Celebrates Get Up, Get Movin’ Day

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Students at Jackson-Via Elementary School in Charlottesville got a taste of healthy living Friday, thanks to a visit from some teachers in training.                     

Students got a chance to run, jump and play at "Get Up, Get Movin'" day. 

More than 100 volunteers from the Student Virginia Education Association led field day games and taught children the importance of exercise and healthy eating. 

"There are kids screaming, they cannot sit still, they're having a great time, they're enjoying themselves and the great thing is, too - all the pre-service educators throughout here love being with kids so they're screaming louder, running harder and having just as much fun as the kids are," said Stephanie Ryan, SVEA president. 

The event was inspired by Michelle Obama's fitness campaign. 

Afterward, the students got $5 to Kroger so they can go out and shop for healthy foods.