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Martha Jefferson Monday: How Does the Gardasil Vaccine Work?

The Gardasil vaccine was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2006. It is one of two vaccines that works to prevent the human papillomavirus, often referred to as HPV.  

HPV is known to cause 99 percent of cervical cancers in women. Doctors say it also causes genital warts in both men and women, and has been linked to anal cancer. 

The Gardasil vaccine can be given to people as young as age nine. 

"It's targeted to a particularly wide range group," said Dr. Margo Gill, a physician at Forest Lakes Family Medicine. "Insurance will cover anyone from age nine to 26, male or female."  

Gardasil is given through a series of three shots and is similar to the vaccination process for Hepatitis B.  Although there are several different strains of HPV, Dr. Gill says Gardasil addresses the majority. 

"It's covering for the two most common causes of cervical cancer so it's covering 89-95 percent of cervical cancers and the two most common types of genital warts," noted Dr. Gill. 

In terms of timing, Dr. Gill says it's important to get vaccinated before becoming sexually active. 

"It will be more effective if people are getting it before they ever become sexually active and that's really the key because one in three to one in four people carry HPV and don't even know it."  

Once vaccinated, doctors believe Gardasil should provide life-long immunity. 

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