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Albemarle Fire & Rescue Reports Better Response Times in Some Areas

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Albemarle County Fire & Rescue is reporting better response times across much of the area following system changes in February. 

Fire rescue staff compared February response times to those in January before the changes happened.  They say the average ambulance response times for urban areas were down about 30 seconds. In the Rio Road and Seminole Trail area, average response times are better by about two full minutes.   

"Time is of the essence in this business and the quicker we get there, the faster we can start rendering care and aid and help to alleviate any issues that may be happening," said Albemarle County Fire & Rescue Chief Dan Eggleston.   

But the report did show longer response times in areas of Ivy and near Barracks and Georgetown Road.   

"We are seeing slightly higher in the Barracks Road area, but mainly because we're responding the ambulance that covers that area out of the Cobb/5th Street location. So as soon as we move that ambulance over to Ivy we should expect some response time reduction in that area as well," said Eggleston.   

The new Ivy station is expected to open in May and be fully operational in July.

Eggleston says overall he is pleased, but this is only one month worth of data - which means they need more time to determine any trends.

Albemarle County Fire and Rescue
Press Release

After the shift in responsibility for weekday daytime EMS calls in the urban areas of Albemarle surrounding Charlottesville on February 4th 2013, Fire Rescue staff have watched closely the performance of our EMS system. Staff have projected an improvement in response times as a result in system changes, but will need several months of data before any conclusions may be drawn.

Fire Rescue staff have provided the following summary of the first four weeks of operation (2/4/2013 thru 3/4/2013) in comparison to the system's performance in January of 2013, prior to the realignment of resources.

The following bullets are specific to weekday (Monday – Friday) daytime (6am – 6pm) performance. Times expressed in minutes and seconds.

  • The average ambulance response time for all of our development areas shows improvement by about 30 seconds. Down from 7:21 in January to 6:52 in February
  • Although there had been some concern about rural area ambulance response times, the average in our rural areas largely stayed the same. January's average was 12:06 while February was 12:11, only a 6 second difference.
  • In the Rio Road and Seminole Trail area, where we placed an ambulance (Medic 8) in service, average response times show improvement by 2:00 minutes.
  • Also of note, the areas around Barracks & Georgetown Roads as well as Ivy Road & Farmington Drive are showing longer response times at present. This is anticipated, as the ambulance currently assigned to cover these areas is stationed at the County Office Building (COB) 5th Street. Once the new Ivy Station opens in the next couple of months the ambulance will move to its proper location and response times will improve. 
  • Performance in the Ivy Road/Farmington/Old Ivy Road area: increased response time of about 30 seconds. January average of 10:30, February average 10:59.Performance in the Barracks Road & Georgetown Road area: increase response time of 1:25. January average of 7:39, February average 9:04.
  • Meanwhile, because the Ivy ambulance is currently stationed at COB 5th Street, response times in that neighborhood show significant improvement. January averaged 11:14 while February averaged 4:50. It should be noted that there were very few calls in this area for both months.

Again, Fire Rescue staff urges caution in drawing conclusions from this data. A larger data set over a number of months is required before trends in response times may be identified. The first four weeks of operation do, however, point towards improvements as expected.


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