Fluvanna Schools Eliminate 33 Positions for the 2013-14 School Year

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Fluvanna County Public Schools
Press Release

In an effort to meet an anticipated budget shortfall, Fluvanna County Public Schools has eliminated 33 positions for the 2013-14 school year. This is 6.4% of the school division's total staff. On Friday, March 15, a total of 15 staff members received letters notifying them that they would be part of the reduction in force (RIF) and would not receive contracts for the 2013-14 school year. The remaining 19 positions are being recovered through attrition, i.e. retirement, relocation, leave of absence, etc. Each time the school division receives a resignation, teaching licenses are reviewed to determine if an employee who received a RIF letter can be recalled. The status of employees is changing frequently with three staff members being recalled as early as Tuesday.

The School Division is facing a reduction in state and federal funds, as well as growing costs associated with fuel and utilities. In the past few years, staff members have endured pay freezes, pay reductions, and furlough days in an effort to balance the school division's budget. The School Board feels that the 2013-14 School Budget must be developed without further reductions to staff compensation.

All reductions are in accordance with requirements of staffing in the Virginia Standards of Quality (SOQ). A number of the eliminated positions were a result of closing Cunningham and Columbia Schools. Each building's staffing is based on projected student enrollment. Based on these requirements, some schools were not able to reduce staff at all and remain in compliance.

The School Board will present their adopted budget to the Board of Supervisors on Wednesday, March 20. Should the School's budget not be fully funded, additional reductions will need to be made. The total local funding request is $14,099,890.

The positions eliminated/restructured are as follows:

  • Alternative Education- 2 positions
  • Assistant Principals- 2 positions
  • Cafeteria- 2 positions
  • Custodian- 2 positions
  • Director of Elementary Instruction- 1 position
  • Director of Operations- 1 position
  • Elementary Facilitator- 1 position
  • Instructional Assistants- 4 positions
  • Librarian- 1 position
  • School Secretary- 2 positions
  • Special Education Interpreter- 1 position
  • Teachers- 12 positions

TOTAL= 33 positions

Ms. Keller stated, "Our community is now in a position that requires us to think deeply about our vision for our school system. I am appreciative of the dialogue with the members of the Board of Supervisors and it is my hope that they can see the need to fund us at a level that helps us re-build our system."

To view the School Board's Annual Budget Adopted March 13, 2013, go to: http://www.fluco.org/finance/SiteAssets/Lists/Pages/EditForm/School%20Board%20Annual%20Budget%20Adopted%2003.13.2013.pdf.