Carver Recreation Center Returns as Polling Place

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Charlottesville's Carver Recreation Center is back open as a polling precinct. The city just got the OK from the Department of Justice.  

During the last four elections, the recreation center was undergoing renovation, so the precinct was moved to the Virginia Institute for Autism.

All voters in the Carver precinct will get a new voter card in the mail this week.    

The special election on April 2 will be the first held there. 

City of Charlottesville
Press Release

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA - For the last four elections, voters in Carver Precinct have been voting at the Virginia Institute for Autism on Westwood Road because Carver Recreation Center was being renovated. The renovations are complete and the City of Charlottesville has received Department of Justice approval to move the polling place back to the Carver Recreation Center.

Beginning with the April 2, 2013 special election, all elections will be held at this location. Voters will be voting in the second floor gymnasium accessed from the main entrance or the ramp on Commerce Street.

All voters in the Carver precinct will be receiving a new voter card in the mail the week of March 18, 2013.