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Supervisors Set to Take More Responsibility if Dumler is Removed

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The Albemarle County Board of Supervisors meet Wednesday for a marathon meeting that should last well into the evening. At the top of the agenda is addressing the issues involving the growing controversy surrounding Supervisor Chris Dumler.

At the meeting, supervisors are expected to essentially strip Dumler of his power on the board. Now the board is revealing more about what it could all mean moving forward.

The agenda for Wednesday's meeting includes removing Dumler from all appointed boards and committees, meaning all other supervisors would have to take over his assignments, splitting the duties.

That's something Supervisor Rodney Thomas said he's willing to do.

"That shouldn't be a problem. I think all of us are enthusiastic enough about what we do for Albemarle County," he said.

The meeting's agenda also includes coming up with a public process for appointing an interim board member, should Dumler step down.

"Each one of us will have a nominee, maybe, or however it works. We'll vote on it, majority wins. Then that person will step in and then a judge will maybe set an election or we'll wait until next November," Thomas said.

Dumler maintains he won't resign, but Thomas says he and the other board members are trying to be proactive by laying the groundwork for what will happen if he's removed.

"I guess it's a matter of his conscious and what he feels like is best for him. Probably not what is best for Albemarle County. At this point I'm not sure he knows what's best for him or the county," Thomas said.

Wednesday's agenda also shows supervisors will consider changing the way public comment is allowed.

The proposal would limit the amount of time for public comment at the beginning of a meeting, but also allow more time at the end.

This comes in response to heated public comment involving Dumler at recent board meetings.

The special meeting gets underway at 9 a.m. Wednesday at the Albemarle County Office Building on McIntire Road. There will be no public comment during the special meeting.

The board's regular meeting is scheduled to start at 6 p.m. That meeting will include public comment.

The chair of the board has asked police to be present all day.

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