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Tips for Driving in Snowfall’s Aftermath

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The snow has stopped falling Wednesday night and most of the primary roads in the area are clear, but road conditions could still change at any time throughout the night.

VDOT is concerned with flooding and freezing roads and wants you to use caution before getting on the roads.

As the night goes on and temperatures continue to drop, the chance of freezing roads increases. That could make for a messy commute Thursday morning.

People have been trying to dig themselves out of the snow all around central Virginia. Now, it's time to deal with the aftermath. As day turns to night, there's the chance of road conditions quickly deteriorating. VDOT is urging you to use caution before going out on the roads.

VDOT says motorists should look out for roads icing over and give themselves plenty of time. Keep a safe distance from other vehicles and don't pass snow plows.

In Charlottesville, the snow storm slammed the city, but by early afternoon, the main roads were clear. There were issues with power outages and downed trees as the city's command center took in more than 100 calls.

In Albemarle County, one of the hardest hit areas, fire crews had an active day, from power line fires to wellness checks.

"We've been pretty busy from about 4:30 this morning. We've been running a lot of trees down, power lines down, power lines pulled from houses, motor vehicle accidents, an assortment of things like that," said North Garden Fire Chief George Stephens.

Route 29 was closed in both directions Wednesday near North Garden because of poor road conditions and numerous car crashes.

While VDOT is giving advice for the roads, the North Garden fire chief says you should be cautious as the power returns.

"As the power comes back on be careful with energized lines, likewise while the power is off for people who are using generators, please be aware of the CO that can be involved in that and just be safe, turn the generator off when fueling it," Stephens said.

Just another reminder: if you don't have to be anywhere Wednesday night or Thursday morning, your best bet is to avoid the roads completely.

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