Names on Dumler Recall Vote Petition Undergo Verification

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Names on the recall vote petition circulating against Albemarle County Supervisor Chris Dumler are still being verified.

In January, Dumler pleaded guilty to misdemeanor sexual battery. His guilty plea was part of an agreement with prosecutors to drop a felony forcible sodomy charge and not pursue charges for two additional alleged victims.

Since the plea, several organizations – as well as fellow members of the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors – have called for Dumler to resign, but he has refused. Earl Smith - the man spearheading the petition - says he is still working to get an official count of signatures.

The recall requires the signatures of 10 percent of registered voters in the Scottsville District. That would mean 372 signatures are needed. Smith says he doesn't have much help and is moving as quickly as he can.

"I have pretty much – without a verified count – I have probably over 460 signatures in 30 days. One person with a couple other people helping them, so I cannot imagine if the GOP and the Democrats would have laid down their big Rs and Ds and said, ‘let's all help this man,' you know, and gotten me the list," Smith said.

Smith says he will continue to meet with anyone who wants to sign the petition.