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Mallek, Sabato Comment on Dumler Situation

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Another member of the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors is now calling for Chris Dumler's resignation.  Board chair Ann Mallek says county morale is at an all-time low.

"That's why I finally realized the time has come to think about a resignation," Mallek said.

In January, supervisor Chris Dumler pleaded guilty to sexual battery. He was facing a felony forcible sodomy charge, but instead pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor sexual battery charge as part of a plea agreement. He will serve 30 days in jail. The Albemarle County Board of Supervisors, the Sexual Assault Resource Agency and the Jefferson Area Tea Party have publicly urged Dumler to step down from the board.

Mallek says three viable replacement options have surfaced. She won't say who's on the list, but those potential replacements – along with current supervisors – now have the task of convincing Dumler to step aside. Mallek reached across party lines in this effort.

UVA political analyst Larry Sabato says the Dumler situation is only going to get worse. "This is a close call. I've studied dozens if not hundreds of political scandals; what strikes me is every case is different," he said.

Mallek says Monday's public budget hearing, which turned into a Chris Dumler protest, was the tipping point for her. An hour-long tirade by dozens of people kept supervisors from getting to work on a multi-million dollar spending plan.

"I think the issue is no longer about one person. It's really become something which affects the whole county, county staff, their morale, all the work we're trying to do," Mallek said.

Mallek won't name names but did say the board is looking for a moderate who holds the same ideals and principles Dumler ran on last year. She would like any replacement to have the board's unanimous vote.

Sabato says sooner or later most people resign because of internal issues and party issues. "You have the rest of the board united against one member – makes it very difficult," he said.

Mallek hopes Dumler will step down sooner rather than later. "Some way we will muddle through this," she stated.

The board will meet on Monday for a budget workshop. The public gets a chance to speak next Wednesday.

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