City Planners Work Toward Finalizing Cville Comprehensive Plan

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Charlottesville city planners and the planning commission are one step closer to finalizing the city's comprehensive plan. Tuesday night, planners hashed out some specifics in the draft they have been working on for months.

They worked on making the language more understandable and even made simple word changes.

They found that the land use chapter of the plan needs some more restructuring, while other chapters are closer to being finalized.

"I think [Tuesday] went really well. We've been working with the commission for many months on the comp plan and this has been another opportunity to have them respond to a draft based on comments they provided. I think they gave us some good insight and we're much closer than we've been," said Missy Creasy, planning manager.

The planning commission will have another work session next week.

It hopes to have a public hearing on the comprehensive plan in April.