Black History Month Celebration at Jefferson School City Center

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On Sunday, people gathered to remember the city of Charlottesville's past, appreciate its present and look forward to its future. It was a celebration of Black History Month at the Jefferson School City Center.

Charlottesville Parks and Recreation and the Charlottesville Dialogue on Race hosted the event Sunday afternoon.

There was singing and prize raffles at the event, along with a dozen booths throughout the Carver Rec Center displaying prominent people throughout black history.

Dede Smith from the Charlottesville City Council and Buford Middle School Principal Eric Johnson were guest speakers at the celebration.

Charlottesville Parks and Rec Manager Van Johnson feels there has been a lot of black history that has been lost. He said Sunday was a day to bring that history back.

"There is a lot of history that we all should know about, we all should know about our ancestors, where we come from, where everything started," he said. "We should know that it wasn't as easy as it now as it was yesterday."

Johnson also said he hoped the children that came out to the event learned about history in a whole new way because "a textbook can't teach the way a great presentation can."