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Fluvanna Family Paying it Forward

Posted: Updated: Feb 24, 2013 07:40 PM EST

For the past 39 years, a Fluvanna County family has spent every third weekend and every Wednesday night running rescue. It's their family's way of paying kindness forward.

"Somebody was there to help my mom. And my job is to replace what somebody else has done. So that's why I've been running all along," Gloria Vest said.

Vest and her husband George have been running rescues since April of 1973 when she was inspired by a rescue team that helped her mother.

"We made it to the hospital and she died two hours later," she said. "And I had vowed that if I could help someone else then I would."

Four months later, the Vests' volunteered for the Fluvanna County Rescue Squad.

"The rescue squad truck - we called it a wagon at that point - looked more like a bread truck, it was parked right beside the hearse," she said.

"Not only has their mode of transportation changed over the years, but the way they receive their rescue calls has also taken many forms.

"When we first started, you had to be at the telephone, and then we received the monitors, and then we got walkies, then we got the pager and now they can text some of the calls out," she said. "Back in the ‘70s, you had to be by the phone, you couldn't go anywhere, you couldn't do anything."

Gloria left the squad for only a few months when she had each of her daughters. Whenever they got a call, the girls would be dropped off at their grandmother's house.

"My oldest daughter, when she was about two and a half, 3-years-old, we ran that Saturday and we had gotten like the fourth call and it was in the afternoon and the tones dropped, and she jumped up and put her hands on her hips, grabbed her little yellow snow suit and she said ‘Here I go again!,' " she stated.

The Vests' younger daughter was always curious about her parents' trips. "After a while I did get to be a little nosy, I wanted to go," Na Vest said.

Two years ago, Na joined the squad, running rescue and learning from her parents.  "I'm very proud of my parents," she stated.

On December 9, Gloria and George Vest will celebrate 40 years with the squad. "It does not seem to be 39 years," she said. "We're just doing it and it's been steady going."

Gloria says she has no plans to stop running rescue. She'll keep going as long as she can, and George says he will volunteer as long as she does.

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