Charlottesville City Council Kills Marijuana Ordinance

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Those who are caught with marijuana in their possession in Charlottesville will continue to face jail time.

City Council killed an ordinance that would have made pot possession a Class 4 misdemeanor for first-time offenders. The ordinance was not asking for the legalization of marijuana. It would have only taken jail time off the table for first-time offenders.

Many spoke out during public comment in favor of the ordinance.

"This ordinance will not give a license to light up to all the children in Charlottesville," said Ed McCann. "It will still saddle them with a criminal record. It will still allow us to take away their driver's license. It will still allow us to restrict their financial aid, to restrict them from adopting a child, to restrict them from public housing."

The ordinance was shut down after a 3-2 vote. Councilors Kathy Galvin and Kristin Szakos, and Mayor Satyendra Huja voted against it. Galvin said she feared that passing the ordinance would have undermined the work the criminal justice system has done so far.