Protesters Crash Democratic Breakfast Demanding Dumler to Resign

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Protesters demanding Albemarle County Supervisor Chris Dumler to resign crashed a Democratic Party breakfast Saturday morning.  They were kicked out of the meeting after organizers say they became too disruptive.

A small group of protesters voiced their opinions loud and clear at the joint Charlottesville and Albemarle Democratic Breakfast.  They say Dumler needs to step down after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor sex crime on January 31.

Protester Jamie Morgan is calling for Dumler to resign.  She says she has spoken with some of his past partners. 

"Letting Chris Dumler stay on the Board of Supervisors is perpetuating rape culture," she said.  "Two other women came forward during the trial saying they had also been abused and part of his sweet plea deal was that they weren't allowed to bring it up anymore, and to silence those victims is, I think, the ultimate crime in this whole situation."

Morgan and another protester, Jordan McNeish, showed up at Saturday's breakfast, where the original plan was for Dumler to join fellow supervisor Ann Mallek for a discussion on county issues.  Dumler cancelled, after receiving a death threat.  Albemarle County Democratic Party Vice Chair Cynthia Neff says the last-minute switch was to avoid too much disruption.

"Unfortunately it was before the plea deal, you know, which he had to accept, and then everything kind of erupted, and then there's this huge angst about Chris and his position and I just didn't want to get in the middle of that," Neff said.

The disruption remained, so Charlottesville Democratic Party Chairman Jim Nix asked the protesters to leave.  The rest of the people who came out to Saturday's event were there to discuss Ken Cuccinelli's new book.

"I didn't want to get us totally distracted onto that issue," Nix said.  "It's not our issue.  I'm city chair.  It's a county issue, and so we had some important things to talk about this morning to disrupt."

Morgan says they won't be kept away so easily.  She said, "Since he didn't show up, it's obviously going to start affecting things.  We're going to make sure we're at every event, he's going to be at so he can't do his job and will get fired."

Dumler was originally charged with felony forcible sodomy, but pleaded guilty to misdemeanor sexual battery in a plea agreement.  That allowed him to remain on the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors.

Under the plea agreement, he has to undergo a psycho-sexual evaluation and issue a public apology to the victim, which he has already done. Dumler also faces a 30-day jail sentence, which he will likely serve on the weekends. The commonwealth agreed to not bring criminal charges in cases involving two additional alleged victims.

One Scottsville resident has started a recall vote petition to remove Dumler.  The petition requires 372 signatures, 10 percent of the registered voters in the Scottsville District before it can move forward.  The recall vote petition would be legally binding.

Dumler has been unanimously censured by his fellow supervisors, and the board voted 3-2 in support of the petition to remove him.  He has refused to resign.

The Scottsville Town Council is also expected to agree on a position concerning Dumler after their meeting Tuesday.