New Farmers Market Coming to Orange in April

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A new link in central Virginia's chain of agritourism attractions will soon open up in Orange County. The Market at Grelen will be an all-in-one garden shop, farmers market and event location.

The market is currently one big construction zone, but this April it will open its doors and grounds complete with flowers, fruits and vegetables.

"It gets the families out, it gets the kids out and there's no better thing, in my opinion, than for everybody to be outside," said Zeke Galvin, part owner of the Market at Grelen.

The views are expansive and the location is unique. Owners say they want the Market at Grelen to be more than just a place to shop.

Dan Gregg, part owner of the Market at Grelen, says he hopes the market will thrive off tourism.

"A lot of people don't really have the belief that tourism can make a financial impact or make a difference for the county; I disagree, and I think this operation will be one of many in the area that will show those folks that tourism does make a difference," said Gregg.

Families can pick their own fruits and vegetables right from the field and pay by the pound.

"We have blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, we have asparagus, we have other types of vegetables,"said Gregg.

The Market at Grelen will also offer classes to teach kids about agriculture. They will offer different classes each season like wreath making, pumpkin carving and flower arrangement how-to's.

"All sorts of different classes - there will be classes on sustainability, there will be classes on how to be green, classes how to make compost, how to use rain barrels for gutters," said Gregg.

Soups, salads and baked goods will be for sale at the market, all made from ingredients produced right on the farm.

During the holiday season they will sell pre-cut and pick-your-own Christmas trees.

The market is set to open April 20.