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Albemarle School Board Looks at Redistricting Options

Posted: Updated: Feb 14, 2013 10:58 PM EST

Thursday night in Albemarle County, plans to deal with overcrowding in a few schools were front and center.

Some schools are packed while others have room for more students. Redistricting is once again at the forefront of the school board's issues. Superintendent Pamela Moran gave her recommendations, but not all were welcomed with open arms.

A few months ago, two subcommittees were tasked with figuring out how to deal with the overcrowding at one school and other schools in the county that could soon be faced with the same problem.

Thursday Moran presented her recommendations which include moving nearly 100 students from the overcrowded Agnor-Hurt Elementary School to other schools.

"The Agnor-Hurt subcommittee where we're looking at a school that is very genuinely overcrowded - in fact we'll have a recommendation put forth tonight to redistrict about 94 students to three neighboring schools: Broadus Wood, Woodbrook and Greer," said Josh Davis, chief operating officer for Albemarle schools.

According to Moran's plan, the redistricting will move 46 students from the Woodlands and Earlysville Road neighborhood to Broadus Wood, 20 students from Northfield/Huntington to Woodbrook and 28 students from Squirrel Ridge and Townwood to Greer.

A second recommendation would move middle school students from Northfield and Huntington to Jouett. The move is something that does not sit well with one school board member because it was not included in original plans.

"We're now talking about impacting students and families who were not given the opportunity to join the committee in the same way, and to me that can suggest that it could undermine the integrity of the process a bit," said school board member Ned Gallaway.

Another member says the current plan isn't long-term.

"Well now may not be that time but I want to raise that question because that's an important thing that is long-range. This is mid-range. This isn't long-range, this is mid-range," said school board member Pamela Moynihan.

The Western Feeder Pattern recommendations are much different. The superintendent is recommending no students move from Meriwether Lewis to other schools, and parents were staunch supporters of keeping those students in place.

Thursday was only an informational session; the school board will take a closer look at these recommendations over the next couple of weeks. It will hold a public hearing on this matter on March 14.

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