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Fluvanna to Implement New School Safety Plan

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Fluvanna County is ready to roll out a new school safety plan. It's a plan that is getting attention from sheriff's offices across the state.

The Fluvanna County Sheriff's Office is ready to lock the school safety plan in place, pending approval this week. Sheriff Ryant Washington wants every school to have a road map in case of emergency.

"As a law enforcement agency that's really what we focus on, that all children need to be at the same level of safety and security as possible from us," Washington said.

That's why the sheriff's office has worked for two years on a school safety plan they hope will serve as a baseline both public and private schools in the county will adopt and build on.

"Each school is going to be somewhat different because each school is designed differently," Washington said. "Such things as evacuations are going to be totally handled differently from one school to the next but the concept of when I should evacuate, why I should evacuate and how I should evacuate kind of is the goal that we're getting at."

The plan - which covers scenarios from bomb threats to toxic spills - creates consistency among all participating schools and emphasizes training.

"Code red in one school means the same thing in the other school and the procedure for that is kind of the same," said Tom Patrick, Fluvanna County Schools' director of operations.

"The people who actually have to respond, such as the school teachers, the bus drivers – all of those people need to be trained," Washington said.

Since the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Washington says other sheriff's offices have reached out to Fluvanna County about using the safety plan as a model.

"It just forces people to stop and review what they currently have and think about if they don't have something, where can I go to get something," Washington said.

Once the plan is approved by Fluvanna Schools, the sheriff's office will start training and preparing for emergencies they hope will never come.

The sheriff's office will present the final plan at the school board meeting on Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. From there, they'll meet with the private schools, and then turn the plan into action.

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