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Salahi Brings 'Crash the Vote' Campaign for Governor to Staunton

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The reality television star known for crashing a White House state dinner is trying to win over voters in the valley to become Virginia's next governor.

Tareq Salahi brought his campaign to Staunton Saturday. The Republican is running as an Independent to get on the ballot in November.

A handful of people came out to see where Salahi stands on issues such as gun rights and education. But questions also came up about his decision to abandon the Republican race to be nominee and run as an Independent.

"It's not about the red, it's not about the blue," Salahi said. "It's really about the red, white, and blue. It's about what's good for you."

Gubernatorial candidate Tareq Salahi says his Independent campaign is crashing Virginia's party lines.

"We're proud about the campaign that I am a Republican - I'm fiscally conservative, I'm socially moderate so we have two other opponents in this race - one is all the way to the left, one is all the way to the right," he said. "I'm the centrist. I have experience working with both sides."

Salahi says he plans to tour Virginia and talk to voters - while Republican candidate Ken Cuccinelli and Democrat Terry McAuliffe battle each other.

Augusta County Supervisor David Karaffa came out to hear Salahi speak Saturday. He's questioning Salahi's views on jobs, gun rights, and education.

"I always make sure to come out and listen to whoever's here, and ask my questions," Karaffa said. "It's the best way that I know of to get issues that are important to Augusta County in front of potentially our leaders."

The Independent candidate's tactic of focusing on the front lines - going face to face with voters - may be working.

"I can tell you I know this candidate the best right now," Karaffa said.

Salahi believes the best way to steal votes from the party candidates is to continue listening.

"I'm on the listening trail and we're traveling around Virginia listening to the concerns of Virginia citizens," he said. "That's the most important thing about our campaign."

Salahi is still gathering the 10,000 petition signatures to get his name on the November ballot. He said he's confident he'll reach that as his "Crash the Vote" tour continues throughout the commonwealth.

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