Waynesboro Area Refuge Ministry Shelter Overcrowded

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Waynesboro's cold weather shelter is already maxing out.

The Waynesboro Area Refuge Ministry (WARM) is a rotating homeless shelter and it's only two years old. City code says it can house up to 20 people each night, but it's already seen 24 during some really cold nights.

One of WARM's organizers says they're going back to the city to address the issue.

"We're already exceeding the capacity to where we're having to put them up in a motel. So I can see this is just going to grow. And so we're going to need more beds," said WARM organizer Jerry Kestner.

WARM is also working on creating transitional housing. It would give families a place to stay and help people get back on their feet.

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Reported by Tara Todd.