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Group Speaks Out in Support of Anti-Drone Resolution

Posted: Updated: Feb 3, 2013 10:12 PM EST

Charlottesville City Council will consider making the city a no-drone zone.  Opponents of the unmanned aerial vehicles rallied downtown Sunday with a model drone. They argue the technology strips away fundamental freedoms.

The small group was armed with pamphlets and packets of information to support an anti-drone resolution going before Charlottesville City Council Monday night. They're emphasizing what they believe to be a threat and danger of drone technology.

David Swanson, a Charlottesville resident, believes allowing drones will lead to a Big Brother disaster. He claims the purpose of drones is to allow spying without a warrant.

"They can put drones outside our windows, drones can listen in on our phone calls, drones can spy on us in ways that will be far too tempting to any police department and they're already openly saying that's what they need it for," he said.

Swanson and other opponents rallied on Charlottesville's downtown mall Sunday. They argue drones violate First and Fourth Amendment rights.

"We have police departments across the country picking up the use of drones with tear gas, with rubber bullets to control crowds," Swanson said. "We don't think we need to be controlled, we think such police departments need to be controlled."

Some drone opponents are concerned the devices will spur surveillance and interference with business interests that will deteriorate our quality of life.

"They probably have it fixed up so you know GPS knows the address and if they see you using some kind of lawnmower, they'll send you an ad for another kind of lawnmower," said Virginia Rovnyak, an Albemarle County resident. "I mean that sort of surveillance and commercial intrusion is appalling."

Swanson says Charlottesville needs to take the lead to restrict drones before they become a common danger.

"We established a government in this country based on the idea that nobody should be given much power because they're humans and they'll abuse it," Swanson said. "We've lost that wisdom. We need to get it back."

Drone opponents are encouraging people to come and speak up in support of the anti-drone resolution at Monday night's City Council meeting. The meeting starts at 7 p.m.

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