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Cville Fire Department Offers Tips on Winter Preparedness

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More winter weather is headed toward central Virginia and the Charlottesville Fire Department is sharing tips on how to stay safe.

The department is instructing people to prepare for these weather events ahead of time and say people should get their winter gear together now, instead of waiting until the storm hits.

Members of the department also suggests stocking up on extra blankets, water, some snacks and a battery-powered radio. Non-perishable food items and extra sources of heat, including fire wood, are also important necessities.

"People should be doing that as the winter approaches, or as they hear about a big storm approaching as well," said Richard Jones, the public information officer for the Charlottesville Fire Department. "Just be ready in case you are going to be stuck in your home for several days without power. Or if you do have to go out, we do not want you to go out, but if you do have to venture out for some reason or get stuck in it that you are prepared and can be ok."

The Charlottesville Fire Department also advises to make sure your vehicle is fully "winterized." Have the fluids checked, make sure you have enough tire pressure and tread and check things like the brakes and batteries.

For more tips, click here.

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