UVA Students Seek Postgraduate Jobs at Career Fair

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Graduation may be months away, but for fourth-year students at the University of Virginia there is no time like the present to get a head start.

Hundreds of students took advantage of the spring career fair Wednesday, all trying to answer one question: where are the jobs?

"Until you have the like, ‘yes, we want you' job offer there's always going to be a sense of anxiety," said fourth-year student Josiah Case.

The long lines at the job fair said it all; students hope that postgraduate job is just a handshake or a conversation away.

And students aren't looking exclusively for their dream jobs.

"I've heard a lot of people looking into fields that they never considered looking into as an undergrad, but they want to look into now just because it's a little bit tight with the economy, and they just want to have some security before they graduate," said fourth-year student Lauren Loffredo.

That's what the career fair means for most students: options.

"I'm an American government and Spanish major; I have always been interested in both of those: politics and Spanish. I'm not sure what I'll end up doing with either one of them," said fourth-year student Lane Stickley.

While technology and healthcare are booming industries, there's another field that's catching the eye of young graduates market researchers.

"We've talked to a lot of people today. History majors, psychology majors, finance majors. The good thing about research is you can be in any field and still be successful doing research," said Niki Price, a recruiter Hanover Research.

Many of the recruiters at the job fair were based in consulting, research, and sales. Price says these jobs allow flexibility regardless of a student's major.

"What do you like doing, what do you want to do? Make it up. We support you; we want you to be great," Price said.

More than 100 organizations participated in the event. It's sponsored by UVA's University Career Services.