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Staunton Women Bring Back Bartering System at Eco Swap

Posted: Updated: Jan 27, 2013 11:37 PM EST

More than 40 women in Staunton are going green - bringing back the old system of barter and trade.

The city held its first eco-swap Sunday afternoon to trade clothing and accessories for free.

One organizer has been holding these events on a smaller scale at her home for the past couple years. She says the concept of eco-swaps is catching on because people can save money in a green and social way.

"I think people are really concerned about the economy and concerned about the environment, that's becoming an issue that's more and more relevant and just learning how to rely on your community members and sharing things," said Tracey Coltrain of the Staunton Creative Community Fund. "If I have things I no longer want and need, why not share that with my neighbor."

"I think the time is right when people are in de-cluttering their life," said Lindsay Curren of Transition Staunton Augusta. "They're interested in saving money because of the down economy. They're interested in doing things that are more about people and less about just acquisition, yet at the same time this is about stuff. It's about getting stuff but maybe you're tired of the things you have and you want to get different things and you don't necessarily want to have a big hit to your pocket book."

Organizers plan to hold monthly eco-swaps with different themes such as men's products, books, and gardening. Any items that aren't traded will go to Goodwill.

The event was sponsored by Transition Staunton Augusta, Staunton Creative Community Fund and the hOUR Economy.

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