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Harmon-Wright Murder Trial Jury Visits Shooting Scene

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A rare outdoor field trip for the jury is headlining day four of the Daniel Harmon-Wright murder trial.

Daniel Harmon-Wright is accused of fatally shooting 54-year-old Patricia Ann Cook on Feb. 9, 2012. He is charged with murder, malicious shooting into an occupied vehicle, malicious shooting into an occupied vehicle resulting in a death, and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony. He has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Prosecutors in this case wanted the jury to go to the scene of the shooting, not too far from the courthouse, to understand where things happened.

Friday, the jury - escorted by armed court bailiffs - surveyed the catholic school parking lot where Harmon-Wright encountered Patricia Cook. They also walked two blocks to where Cook's Jeep Wrangler crashed into a utility pole.

Harmon-Wright, his legal team and the special prosecutor were at the scene Friday morning along with circuit court Judge Susan Whitlock.

Each juror had a large black and white aerial map. Jurors were not allowed to talk at the scene and were out in below freezing temperatures for a total of 15 minutes.

Friday afternoon, the defense put on its case back inside Culpeper County Circuit Court, painting Cook as erratic and a threat. Harmon-Wright took the stand in his own defense, telling the jury he felt his life had been threatened by Cook's actions and that a pedestrian was in the way of her Jeep.

During cross-examination, the prosecutor asked why he didn't tell state police investigators these details. Harmon-Wright responded that he was very upset at the time.

Closing arguments will start Monday morning. Then the case will be in the hands of the jury.

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