Relevance of Civil War Monuments Up for Debate

Posted: Updated: Jan 20, 2013 07:54 PM EST

Members of the Charlottesville community came together Sunday to talk about the city's Civil War monuments.

The University & Community Action for Race Equality (UCARE) and the Dialogue on Race sponsored the discussion at The Haven.

They focused on the significance of the monuments - including the two in Lee and Jackson parks.

Organizers say the discussion was important after Vice Mayor Kristin Szakos faced strong criticism for questioning the relevance of the confederate statues.

"The commemorative landscape - it's kind of a buzz word among scholars nowadays - should be inclusive that we do better by adding rather than subtracting, but the landscape should collectively represent who we are currently but also who we have been over the long haul," said John Coski, the Museum of the Confederacy Historian.

Two historians provided context and perspective on the issue. Then, the audience broke into small groups to discuss their ideas.