Albemarle Neighbors Speak Out Against Proposed Firing Range

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Albemarle supervisors heard Wednesday night from people who live near the new planned police gun range. Once again, they told supervisors to put the range somewhere else.

People who live nearby fear noise from the range will hurt their quality of life. They spoke out during the public comment session Wednesday night.

Nearly 20 concerned residents, some children, voiced their concerns. They say they fear the addition of a gun range for the Albemarle County Police Department will disrupt their quiet lifestyle, and have a negative impact on the environment.

"Not only would it disturb us at our home, but I worry about the Yancey children who would have to listen to those sounds all day long while they're trying to study," said Albemarle resident Lisa Bittner, referring to nearby Yancey Elementary School.

"Please consider fully who you will be hurting, don't rob us of our peace and the value of the little that we have," said Laurec Davis, another Albemarle resident.

Neighbors say other ranges have offered to allow Albemarle police to train there and they should take advantage of that.

The firing range issue will officially be up for discussion on February 13. Police officers will be presenting their side and neighbors will have another chance to speak out.