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UVA Students React to Dragas’ Reappointment Confirmation

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For students at the University of Virginia, the decision to confirm Helen Dragas' reappointment brings a mixed bag of emotions.

Some agree, some disagree, but many of them are just tired of the politics since the failed ouster of President Teresa Sullivan last summer.

Just two days into a new semester, students say they are ready for this whole ordeal to be over. They say they are ready for the focus to shift off the politics and back on to their education.

For the past nine months, UVA students and faculty have been calling for Helen Dragas' resignation. Tuesday the Virginia Senate Privileges and Elections Committee confirmed her reappointment as rector.

"I'm not really surprised because it's a political situation and there are people on both sides with a lot of voices," said Elliot Oakley, a UVA student.

Not many students were shocked by the news, and say they trust whatever the final outcome will be.

"If she's willing to move forward as well as the president of the University, I think everyone is going to stand behind her," said Joseph Woodlief, also a UVA student.

Some agreed with Tuesday's decision and really just want what's best for the university.

"Knowing that the Senate did decide to reinstate her, I think I'm going to have to say that I'm for that choice. Knowing that the Senate, a higher government, has chosen to put her back in I believe that's what's best for us," said Sam Eldredge, also a UVA student.

Others are afraid that the university won't be able to move forward.

"My fear of this move is that nothing changes and that the momentum that President Sullivan has generated from me as a student supporting her and I think for the faculty as well, that kind of fizzles out and we lose steam," Oakley said.

After all the drama that unfolded last summer, most are ready to move on.

"I hope this all fans out and I hope the university community can come together over this and keep being the No. 1 public school," Eldredge said.

Almost all of the students NBC29 spoke with say they just want to regain their enthusiasm and go back to being known as one of the best universities.

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