Barracks Road Shopping Center Cleaning Up After Fire

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Shops at Charlottesville's Barracks Road shopping center are cleaning up from a fire that broke out at Plow and Hearth Monday morning.

On Saturday, a team of workers at The Happy Cook wiped down merchandise and packed away boxes of inventory to prepare for the work ahead. The shop is getting new floors, ceiling tiles, and coats of paint because of water and smoke damage.

"Moving into the beginning of 2013, it wasn't what we were planning on," said Monique Moshier, the owner of The Happy Cook. "But in reality it is what it is, it's a good opportunity for us to have a fresh start for 2013, we'll have fresh floors and ceilings and very clean product and new coats of paint."

To be safe, The Happy Cook team has disposed of all linens, fabrics, and anything consumable. The store hopes to re-open in 10 days.

The Ann Taylor Loft, Tara Thai, and Bevello remained closed for cleanup Saturday.