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Martha Jefferson Monday: What’s the Best Way to Work Healthy Fat Into Your Diet?

When it comes to planning what we eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the options are endless.  With many people trying to eat better in the new year, the biggest question is often what are the best - and healthiest - options to put on our plates.

"It's not the most exciting message to hear, but middle of the road is where you want to go," said Rita Smith, a registered dietitian at Martha Jefferson Hospital.

It's a balancing act between incorporating good-for-you fats, and avoiding unhealthy fats.

"We know from recent research that people who follow somewhat of a low fat diet do manage their weight a bit better and it's because they choose something like a grilled chicken sandwich versus a friend chicken sandwich," said Smith.

Smith does note though that some fats are truly good for us - vegetable oils, avocados, flax seed, nuts, nut butters and fish, just to name a few. 

The same is true when it comes to sugar - moderation is key.

 "A little bit of sugar in meals makes dishes tasty, but too much can drive your blood sugars up, gives you extra calories and can raise your triglycerides."

The good news is substitutions can be made, such as swapping oil for applesauce or puréed baby fruit when baking to eliminate calories without compromising taste.

"You know, you want to really enjoy your eating," commented Smith.

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