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‘Measure Up’ Page Tracks Cville City Departments' Performance

Posted: Updated: Jan 9, 2013 07:37 PM EST

Charlottesville is grading itself on how well city departments are meeting their goals.

The launch of the "Charlottesville Measures Up!" web page was celebrated at CitySpace on the downtown mall Wednesday.

Fourteen city departments—including those of police, social services and finance—collected data ranging from crime reports to foster care placements. The performance measurement scorecards compare those statistics to city goals.

"It's really a chance for citizens and whoever's interested to see how we're doing in each of the service areas that are highly valued by everyone, what are the measures that mean something and say "yeah, we're doing a good job here' or ‘no, we need to improve in this area,'" said Leslie Beauregard, director of Charlottesville's Budget and Performance Management.

City departments will update the data quarterly, and they invite feedback from the community.

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