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Barracks Road Stores Remain Closed Following Plow & Hearth Fire

Posted: Updated: Jan 8, 2013 04:22 PM EST

Some stores in the Barracks Road Shopping Center remain closed after Monday's fire at Plow & Hearth.

An emergency call came in around 7:30 a.m. Monday for reports of flames inside Plow & Hearth. Fire crews contained the fire, but substantial damage was done to the store, and those nearby. According to the Charlottesville Police Department the "fire cause was accidental resulting from an electrical wire that was either under or near storage of Fatwood, a resin-rich wood kindling that was sold in the store".

Despite optimism they would be able to re-open soon after the fire, things aren't looking good for businesses located near Plow & Hearth.  

It could take a couple more days or even weeks for businesses to get back on their feet.

Owner of The Happy Cook, Monique Moshier, says the air quality has gotten worse since Monday and soot continues to seep through the store. A cleaning crew was back on Tuesday, trying to mop down floors and get rid of the residue on merchandise.

Moshier says The Happy Cook won't re-open until it's certain the health of employees and customers isn't at risk.

"We're going to be continuing to deal with this air issue. At this point, I've been in there a few times for no more than 10, 15 minutes and my throat is bothered by it, my eyes are burning. It's nowhere near being open, let alone having our employees in there at all," said Moshier.   

The Loft and restaurant Tara Thai are also among those that had to close Tuesday.   

The Slice was closed temporarily, but was able to re-open for normal business hours after getting cleared by the Health Department.

Moshier says between floor replacements and lost sales and merchandise, she wouldn't be surprised if The Happy Cook has at least $100,000 in damage.    

The process for removing debris from Plow & Hearth will take another few days.

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