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VDOT Making Improvements to Dangerous Intersection

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A blind curve in Scottsville is posing a danger for drivers, and it's also gaining attention among parents. That's because the dangerous curve is next to a school, putting children at risk. Now the Virginia Department of Transportation is taking action.

The intersection of Route 20 and Red Hill Road in Albemarle County has caused concerns for Scottsville residents for years. It's near Walton Middle School, which causes particular concern for parents.

VDOT plans to improve the intersection, but one woman says it's still not enough to keep her neighbors, her granddaughter, and the rest of the students safe.

Scottsville resident Ellen Holt's main concern is tractor trailers and other large vehicles speeding around the curve.

"By the time those trucks come around that blind curve, and they don't stop at 35, they come at 50,55 (miles per hour), and when they come around that curve there's no way they can stop," she said. "I've come down here and I've seen the skid marks, and there have been accidents here and I've seen cars go off the road before."

Holt says it's particularly dangerous for school busses trying to make a left-hand turn onto Red Hill Road to get to Walton Middle School because of low visibility and fast oncoming traffic.

"My concern is that they're going to run into a loaded school bus or maybe 2 buses and some kids are gong to be killed," Holt said.

VDOT studied the roadway and determined there is a need for improvement in that area.

"The results of that were that there's a sight-distance limitation at that intersection," said VDOT spokeswoman Stacy Londrey.

VDOT workers have already cut down trees for better visibility. Now VDOT officials are looking for $85,000 of additional funding for further improvements, including flashing lights and better road signs.

"We want to make sure that the intersection is safe for those motorists, for parents, and school buses as well as other motorists," Londrey said.

Holt is not satisfied until more improvements are made.

"I just hope that they get on it. Cutting down a few trees is not going to cut it," she said. "I was hoping they'd do something before school started."

Londrey said there's no specific timeline for how long it could take to secure funding to make more improvements to the intersection. The project might be able to qualify for some grants, but in the meantime, she says the project is a priority given its close proximity to the middle school.

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