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Area Photographer to Share His Life's Work

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Charlottesville has changed drastically over the past 70 years.

The downtown mall went from a two-way street to a pedestrian mall. And the University of Virginia transformed from a community of southern white men to the diverse school it is today.

Ed Roseberry has been taking snapshots of Charlottesville history since he was a UVA student right after World War II.

"Every fraternity knew me and they'd all call me ‘Flash' and whenever I'd come in the front door they'd yell out ‘Here comes Flash!' and then they would all just keep doing what they were doing," Roseberry said. "I never had anybody pose."

Concerts, landscapes, and conversations live on through his lens.

"It's much more interesting to look at a photograph that's impromptu or unrehearsed or even unknown sometimes to the person who's being photographed," Roseberry said. "It captures an exciting moment in their life and perpetuates that image through time."

Roseberry's camera captured all the big stars, and the starry eyed looks of fans whose attention they captured. But he never turned his passion into his profession

"What I liked about that was I could shoot things that I liked to shoot that I didn't have to worry about getting paid for," Rosberry said. "Scenic stuff, arty stuff, that I could enjoy photographing."

"I think everybody who knows about Ed and is interested in documenting buildings and people has tremendous respect for him for his effort and consistency and faithfulness to the craft over the years - it's been an inspiration to all of us," said John Sheperd, a fellow photographer.

Now his passion has grown to a collection of more than 180,000 pictures of Charlottesville history.

"When I could think of nothing else to do I could always grab my camera and go out and stalk the neighborhood and see what I could come up with and that was fun to see what's going on in the world and to be able to record it," he said.

70 years and 34 national awards after he started taking pictures with his twin lens reflex camera, Roseberry is still capturing Charlottesville's attention.

On January 24th, C'ville Coffee is hosting a slideshow presentation of his work. He will be there to talk about his photos, including some of the Dalai Lama, Queen Elizabeth, and Elizabeth Taylor.

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