Wheelchair-Bound Hunters Help Fluvanna Trim Deer Population

Posted: Updated: Jan 4, 2013 05:18 PM EST

A group of huntsmen and women on wheels is helping Fluvanna County trim its deer population.

The Wheelin' Sportsmen are hunters who, for one reason or another, use a wheelchair. Friday, the group took on the deer population at Pleasant Grove. 

They braved the cold early Friday morning for an all-day hunt. Fluvanna County invited the Wheelin' Sportsmen to the controlled hunt, hoping to cut down the deer population in the area, and reduce the number of deer-related traffic accidents on Route 53.

Members say opportunities like this open doors. "It creates a level playing field where this organization is able to offer that accessibility in their partnership with organizations or counties such as Fluvanna County," said Wheelin' Sportsman Michael Chenail.   

Chenail has been a member of the Wheelin' Sportsmen for seven years. He says the organization gives him the opportunity to enjoy his passion for deer hunting.

While NBC29 was on location, the Wheelin' Sportsmen had already killed two deer.