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People in Charlottesville Race to the Gym to Keep Resolutions

Posted: Updated: Jan 1, 2013 06:48 PM EST

With the start of a new year, a lot of people will be racing to the gym to keep up with their 2013 resolutions.

Fitness centers are seeing the post-holiday rush, but it isn't necessarily new members.

Instructors at the ACAC in Charlottesville say there's a small misconception when it comes to the New Year's rush: the swarms of people were actually members coming back after a few months of break.

"It's on the forefront of your mind to make a resolution. It's not like we are getting beating-down-the-door memberships. It's more so, 'hey haven't seen you in a while,'" said Chris Collins, an ACAC membership coordinator and fitness instructor.

But that doesn't mean they didn't get a taste of the New Year's gym rush. Collins says 24 people signed up for a membership on New Year's Eve at the Charlottesville facility alone.

"We always think the next year is the biggest. We're expecting to be bigger than last year because it seems to be that way every year, but there is a significant drop-off by mid-February," he said.

Some say that large fitness spike - and then the drop-off that quickly follows - shouldn't be the norm.

"There shouldn't be a spike. People should be exercising all year long because it's not really about working off what you've done after the holidays because it's not about something you've done wrong after the holidays," said Meaghan Young, an instructor at ACAC.

So how should you stick with your New Year's fitness resolution? Experts say to exercise in groups, get on a schedule, and be realistic.

"I feel like more and more people are getting serious about it, especially with how much is known about it now that they are more realistic with their goals," Collins said.

ACAC says their typical member comes to the gym about six to seven times a month. Members who also mix up their workout regimens with different types of exercises tend to stick around longer.

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