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Hangover Cravings and Cures for Post-New Year’s Recovery

Posted: Updated: Dec 31, 2012 05:59 PM EST

One of the worst ways to start the New Year is hungover.

If you do choose to booze it up too much, get ready for the throbbing head, cotton mouth, and unsettled stomach. However, some central Virginia businesses are banking on customers searching for a hangover helper.

Bagels are baking at Bodo's for a New Year's Day rush, especially after C-Ville Weekly readers voted Bodo's a 2012 best hangover food, which Bodo's owner Scott Smith calls "a wonderful title to own."

Smith says bacon, egg and cheese on an everything bagel seems to be the most popular cure to soak up the sauce.

"People really go for that comfort food-y thing for that sort of moment," Smith said.

Hangover cures come in every form.

"It's really individualized," said Dr. Brian Whittaker, an emergency physician at Martha Jefferson Hospital.

Whittaker says there's little science to explain hangover cures and cravings. He recommends drinkers stay hydrated by alternating alcohol with water.

"High-fructose-containing foods—fruits—or really simple complex carbohydrates, like crackers and breads, have been shown in some studies to decrease the effects of a hangover," Whittaker said.

It can take anywhere from eight to 24 hours for your body to process all the alcohol.

At Solidarity CrossFit, they'll work out the wine and beer by hitting the weights hard first thing New Year's morning.

"We exorcise our demons through sweat," said Michael Towne, owner of Solidarity CrossFit. "A lot of times when you're hungover, your inhibition's low, you're feeling kind of loose. So, it's a good time to push hard."

For those who push their livers too hard New Year's Eve, Charlottesville's Integral Yoga sells herbal hangover cures.

"There are a few natural things that are available to help with the morning after," said Janet Dressel, health and beauty manager at Integral Yoga.

Liver tonic and ChlorOxygen tablets clean out the toxins. Dressel recommends homeopathic pellets called Nux Vomica, which can help with nausea or a headache.

There's also always the option to not over-imbibe.

"The healthiest thing would be to take it easy tonight, not overdo it," Dressel said.

Those natural options start at $5.99, but integral yoga is closed New Year's Day and the only Bodo's location open will be the one on Emmet Street. Solidarity CrossFit will be starting a beginner's boot camp in the New Year.

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