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Bad Weather Means Big Business for Auto Repair Shops

Posted: Updated: Dec 26, 2012 05:49 PM EST

Even what seems like a minor fender bender can cost a lot of money to get fixed. Weather like Wednesday's means big business for body shops.

Front-end damage, rear-end damage, cars that were side-swiped and more rolled into body shops across Charlottesville Wednesday, which means a busy day or even a busy couple of weeks for mechanics.

The director at Brown Collision Center, Christian Kozub, says there were five cars towed in Wednesday morning, and a majority of them had front-end damage.

Four cars came into Premo Auto Body Shop, also in Charlottesville, after morning wrecks. Mechanics there say a lot of the damage was the result of people following too closely.

"One car would be following the other one too closely, one stops and the other one would rear-end it... Pretty much damage anywhere from $500 to $2,000 damage," said Scott Mayo, a mechanic at Premo Auto Body Shop.

Staff at both businesses say Wednesday morning was busy, but the big rush will probably start Thursday.

"Normally what happens is a day or two after a storm like this is really when we start seeing the traffic come in," Kozub said.

Both places say staffing isn't an issue, and that they are prepared for a potential increase in volume within the next couple of days.

It's not uncommon to have a bit of a delay getting cars into auto body shops, usually because people are trying to get squared away with their insurance companies first.

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