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Trash Could Make You a Target to Criminals at Christmas

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As you enjoy time with family and friends, don't let yourself become a victim this holiday. Police say crime picks up significantly after Christmas and you could be making yourself a target.         

Whether they're window shopping in your neighborhood, or searching on social media, criminals are in search of easy targets.        

"We try to emphasize to a lot of people in our community, lock your doors, kind of a common sense approach," Lt. Ronnie Roberts of the Charlottesville Police Department.           

In addition to shutting your blinds and locking your doors, police advise you to be mindful of what you kick to the curb.

"When you put that trash out curbside, it really has a tendency to give people an idea of some of those really nice items that you've received," said Roberts.  "That becomes their treasure as opposed to yours."   

The box for your new television makes your home a prime target for criminals.   

"Hang on to it up 'till the point where you need to push it out. Or take the box, crush it down, and put it in a receptacle so nobody knows what you've picked up over the holiday," said Roberts.  

Police say many people also often make the mistake of letting the wrong people know they are going to be away from home or traveling over the holidays.  

"A lot of people will go away for the holidays, and they mention on the social media site that they're going away. That kind of gives a real indication that the property has been vacated" said Roberts.

Police are stepping up their patrols after the Christmas holiday, but ultimately, you are the first line of defense when it comes to keeping your home, and new gifts, safe.

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