Christmas Eve Services Shine Light on True Meaning of Christmas

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Every family has their own holiday traditions. For some it's baking cookies. For others it's attending a Christmas Eve service.

Christmas Eve is a time where many are counting down the hours to open their gifts, but for some it's a time to relax and remember what the Christmas season is all about.

"Presents are great and Christmas trees and lights are beautiful but it's really Jesus Christ that gives the ultimate purpose," said Reverend Wendell of Golden of United Methodist Church.  

The Christmas Eve service at Word of Faith Church was a night filled with caroling, dance and a special message from the pastor - something for those of all ages to enjoy, especially for 7-year-old Madelyn Boamah.  

"Every year, and sometimes on Easter, we create a dance so we can celebrate what Jesus and God have done for us," said Boamah.  

It was a chance for people to take a break from all the chaos and stress that sometimes comes with Christmas. 

"It's a way for the church family, and even the community, to come together and take time away from all the business," said Eileen Lehman, pastor at Word of Faith Church.   

It's a memorable night year after year and a jump start to Christmas day. "Making a special night, getting people ready for Christmas morning," said Lehman.

Those celebrating at First United Methodist Church also spent the night celebrating the true meaning of Christmas.

"It's special because this is the climax of the Christmas season and I think the important thing is that we remember that its Jesus Christ," said Golden.

They ended their night in a calm way, singing "Silent Night" on the front of the church steps.