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Gun Rights Group Criticizes Republicans, Democrats in Email

Posted: Updated: Dec 20, 2012 04:36 PM EST

A gun rights group in central Virginia that isn't too happy about recent calls for gun legislation is calling out democrats and even republicans.

The Virginia Citizens Defense League has been known for its often controversial opinions on gun control. In an email that went out to thousands of supporters Wednesday night, the VCDL slammed politicians on both sides of the aisle for even considering possible gun control legislation.

The email said, in part, "I'm really surprised and disappointed in some of the Republicans for what I'm seeing as cowardice," and, "At the state level, I'm seeing a real lack of a spinal column from some Republicans and a lot of ‘trash-the-Constitution' bills from some Democrats."

No members of the Republican Party agreed to go on camera Thursday, but the chair of the house democratic caucus did respond.

"It's not trashing the constitution..." said Del. Mark Sickles (D) 43rd District. "I think hiding behind the Constitution, you can't do that anymore. The Supreme Court said that we have an individual right to have a gun and protect ourselves, but it did not say that right was unlimited."

Philip Van Cleave, with Virginia Citizens Defense League, said, "We're moving forward either way, we're definitely charging forward on the offensive on this, and we're going to be crossing swords and battling on all the gun control."

Although no republicans would go on camera, several did speak over the phone. In response to the VCDL's criticism of the GOP, one republican legislator who spoke with NBC29 on background said, "They're a one-trick pony," and "You can't reason with them."

Others said the group is just trying to stir up controversy, and that the real work will begin next month when "cooler heads" return to Richmond.

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