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General Assembly to Consider Making it Illegal to Smoke with Kids in Car

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It could get a lot more expensive to light up a cigarette with your kids in the back seat.

The Virginia General Assembly will consider legislation early next year that would make it illegal to smoke with children in the car.

This won't be the first time legislators have considered this idea. They've looked at similar measures four times before. It keeps coming up and failing, not because lawmakers like the idea of keeping kids around second hand smoke, but because some don't like the idea of the Commonwealth telling them how to raise their kids.

The CDC advises against smoking in cars with kids. Richmond-based Philip Morris USA, the nation's largest cigarette manufacturer, says adults should avoid smoking around kids altogether.

But again, that's not the issue. It comes back around to: should parents be told how to parent?That's what lawmakers will have to decide.

Phillip Morris USA issued the following statement regarding the legislation:

"We are not engaged on this bill.

Philip Morris USA understands and agrees that people should be able to avoid being around secondhand smoke, particularly in places where they must go, such as public buildings, public transportation and many areas in the workplace. There are places where smoking should not be permitted at all, such as elevators, places where a specific fire hazard already exists, or areas occupied primarily by children, such as playgrounds, schools and daycare facilities. PM USA also believes that particular care should be exercised where children are concerned. Adults should avoid smoking around them."


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