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State Delegate Proposes Change in Right-on-Red Law

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A state delegate wants to make it OK for drivers to turn right on red without coming to a complete stop.

State Delegate Joe Morrissey, (D) 74th District, wants to change the red light camera law in Virginia so people can turn right on red as long as they're going slower than 15 miles per hour.

He says red light cameras are revenue makers and too many companies and localities are cashing in on the idea.

The proposed change comes as Albemarle County is expanding the red light camera system at the busy intersection on Pantops.

Albemarle Police say the potential change would be confusing for drivers because an officer could still pull you over at the same intersection and give you a ticket.

There's also a problem with the equipment already in place.

"The cameras don't measure or monitor speed. They just capture someone running through the red light or turning right on red," said Albemarle County Police spokeswoman Carter Johnson.

Red light cameras at the intersection of Route 250 and Route 20 will be in place by early 2013.

As for the system at Rio Road and Route 29, from January to September there has been a 14 percent drop in incidents captured on camera and a 20 percent drop in the total number of notices issued for violations.

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