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UVA Men's Basketball Breaks For Finals Mid-Winning Streak

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The UVA men's basketball team dunked their way past Mississippi Valley State 67-39.

Now the team is on break until December 19th for finals.

The Wahoo's say the paint was wide open all game.

Darion Atkins said, "I honestly didn't think it would go this way - we got so many inside points it was easy to score."

Akil Mitchell added, "If we can be a little flashy and still get it done then there's no problem with that."

First year, Justin Anderson, came off the bench and sunk 15 points.

Anderson hit the boards as well and set another career mark with 9 rebounds.

Anderson said, "He said get on the defensive glass I need more rebounds from you. Like I said at the beginning its about trust and I trust these coaches so much."

Darion Atkins hit 14 points, which is a personal best for the second year. He says it was nice to see their offense come together and it doesn't hurt having first years who can make an immediate impact.

Atkins said "guys coming in who are actually skilled offensively like Mike and Evan."

Head Coach Tony Bennett has been keeping his first years after practice to make sure they fully understand the offense.

UVA's 7-game winning streak proves that extra time is paying off.

Bennett said, "You know hold them accountable, work with them, because they're going to be important. Certainly for our future but for this season and stretches coming up here."

Anderson added, "Thankful to be in this situation and I think all of us freshmen come together and we help each other every chance that we get and that's what's very unique about this program."

While UVA appreciates this break for finals - most say they wish they could keep this momentum going.

Anderson said, "I wish I could still play, I'm still young, still young. I just want to keep playing like a little kid."

Bennett added, "When you're playing well you want to keep playing but its always this way at this time of year."

In the meantime - the Wahoo's will focus on the basics.

Bennett said, "try to develop some skills and some of the things we're talking about with the younger guys so we'll make the most of it."

Anderson said, "as long as we continue to work as hard as we do in practice to get better you know and I've been a part of a team that works so hard...This group approaches practice in a different way and that's what's gonna get us better everyday."

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