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Augusta Sheriff's Office Gets Help From Woodrow Wilson Rehab PD

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Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center has had its own dedicated police department for 65 years, but in 2012, that small agency in Fishersville has become a longer arm of the law.

It may be another sign of the residential and business growth in the Fishersville area. The Augusta County Sheriff's Office is getting more help from the half-dozen officers at Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center.

The rehab center is certainly the main focus for the police department that bears its name, but the officers also help the sheriff's office respond to calls along the Route 250 corridor, in the Briarwood neighborhood and around Augusta Health. The partnership was formalized this year by the Attorney General.

"It also spells out that when they see a violation of the law. They notify my on-duty supervisor to say, ‘hey, this is where I am, this is what I'm seeing, do you want me to intervene?'" said Augusta County Sheriff Randy Fisher.

The sheriff says the Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center officers are especially valuable in the Wilson complex.

He calls it a "box canyon" because it has four schools, the rehab center and county offices. Each building feeds into a single, narrow road off Route 250.

The sheriff's office says some citizens may not realize the Wilson Police Department is made up of sworn officers with full arrest powers in that expanded coverage area.

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