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Specialty Paper Company Opens Doors in Charlottesville

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More and more companies are producing sustainable products.  Now, a Europe-based specialty paper company is bringing its environmentally friendly products to Charlottesville.

The delfortgroup, a leader in lightweight specialty papers, is officially opening its doors Thursday night.  The group supports a wide range of companies, and hopes to grow in the United States, starting in Charlottesville.

From packaging papers to bibles, the delfortgroup is a global company that creates environmental friendly specialty papers.  Now, the group has opened its first office in the United States in downtown Charlottesville.

"We have developed great relations with many of our customers, got new opportunities and made the decision now to bundle our resources and forces over here," said delfortgroup CEO Martin Zahlbruckner. 

Ultra lightweight papers are their specialty.  They are thin, tailor-made and sustainable paper products.

"Ultra lightweight paper is anything that is sixty pounds and under," said delfortgroup President Joe Kofler.  "Generally anything that's in offset printing will be 19.5 pounds."

The group has clients in Europe, like candy makers and even McDonalds.  Now, they hope to share products like their lightweight burger wrappers with the United States.

"Most burger wrappers in the United States is 19.5-pound paper and that's coated with wax. One of our new innovations that we have is a paper which is soybean coated - biopolymer we call it. So there is no wax in it and it composts within one week in the ground," Kofler said.

They say making products with the environment in mind is the best way to go.  Kofler said, "Everything is about sustainability nowadays so people are printing on a higher basis weights. If they are in the 60- to 70-pound basis weights and want to come down in basis weight, we have the solutions for that."

Company leaders say they chose Charlottesville because of the location to potential customers and its motivated people.  

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