Faith, Family & Football Leads Hornets to State Semifinals

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'Faith, Family, and Football' is the motto that has carried the Wilson Memorial Hornets to their second straight state semifinal game.

Senior running back, Malik Rucks said, "We want God involved, we want the family involved - which is most important and we want football to come in between that."

His brother, offensive and defensive lineman, Qualik Rucks said, "My player you know he's gonna make the play and without faith, you can't have that."

Goochland topped the Hornets 47-21 in the state semi's last year but this team doesn't see it as a rematch.

Head coach, Jeremiah Major said, "Goochland's a different team this year and so are we. So we're not using the word rematch - we're using this as a stepping stone toward our goal."

The goal - to bring home a state championship.

Sophomore quarterback, Brandon Gochenour said, "Hopefully just push through and get to the state championship"

After everything this team has already accomplished this season it would be easy for them to take all the credit but they say they're playing for the teams that came before them and their community.

Senior tight end and defensive end, Joey DiGorga said, "People who went to Wilson before us the alumni and everything. All the friends that we played with when we were freshmen and sophomores - it would be good to win it for them."

Malik Rucks added, "It would mean a lot to the community and everybody that believes in us."

As the team inches closer to Saturday's showdown they are trying to stay level headed - but a "W" Saturday would ice a hard hitting season.

Malik Rucks explained, "It would mean a lot cause all the hard work we've been putting in, all the film work...it would mean a lot."