'Gray Thursday': Shoppers Line Up Earlier for Holiday Sales

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Shoppers in Charlottesville are already fighting the crowds for those amazing holiday sales.  If Black Friday isn't enough for the most ardent of holiday shoppers, this year we have "Gray Thursday."

The trend of retailers sliding their Black Friday opening times into Thanksgiving Day seems to be gaining popularity.

"Gray Thursday" appears to be paying off big in Charlottesville.  People came out in droves for those early door busters and waited for deals that don't start until midnight.

It could be called the Super Bowl of shopping days.  Black Friday shopper Eliya Habimanan said, "I am here for the great steals and deals that happen once a year. This is like a holiday in itself. "

Some are even calling it a team sport.  "We're all going to run for one item that way we make sure we get it," said Black Friday shopper Amanda Sweet.

From Best Buy to Toys R Us, people waited in line for hours as stores opened as early as 8:00 p.m. on Thanksgiving, using the new "Gray Thursday" to kick off Black Friday and get some door busting deals.

Sweet said, "I want to get my son some Tonka Trucks and I want to get him the SEGA Console because I used to play these games when I was a kid."

People at the Best Buy on Emmet Street in Charlottesville are lining up for the chance to get their hands on a 40-inch flat screen TV for less than $200.

Robert Agee is first on the list and will have waited in line for 24 hours once the deals at Best Buy begin.  He waited since 11:00 p.m. Wednesday.

"I didn't get what I wanted to get last year, which was a TV for my little brother," Agee said.  "So I figure this year come out early and be the first in line."

But in true Thanksgiving spirit, he isn't bearing the cold to get the TV for himself, but as a gift for someone else.  With Black Friday and now "Gray Thursday" becoming just as much a tradition as the turkey and fixings, Agee has some advice for the Black Friday wannabes.  "Dress warmly," he said. 

The process seems pretty orderly so far, and management has been monitoring the lines.  There has been some concern that "Gray Thursday" takes away from the tradition of Thanksgiving, but the shoppers we spoke with Thursday night didn't appear to have a problem with getting a head start.