Salvation Army Volunteers Serve Up Thanksgiving Meal

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Thanksgiving is a time to spend with friends and family and to enjoy a feast, but that feast can burden some families.  The Salvation Army is hosting its annual Thanksgiving meals to make sure everybody has a nice meal for the holiday.

Thursday at the Salvation Army, there was thankfulness of a different kind, frustration and hope.  People are thankful for a hot meal and fellowship, but most hope next year will bring better fortune.

Marjorie Pendleton is spending her Thanksgiving Day volunteering.  She served a turkey dinner to guests sitting in the same chairs she sat in just several years ago - when she ate Thanksgiving dinner at the Salvation Army.

"I thank Salvation Army for helping me so much, and I'm very glad to be here to help the people are in the situation that I was in, so  it's a blessing," she said.

Volunteers at the Salvation Army cooked up a traditional Thanksgiving meal - complete with turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans rolls, and dessert.  One volunteer says it's not just the Thanksgiving meal guests look forward to; it's the sharing of time together.

Salvation Army volunteer Sarah Peaslee said, "Being together here in this community setting here with all kinds of people gives you an activity to do together and a way to connect."

Jack Hurd, a Salvation Army guest, says he wishes he could be spending Thanksgiving with his kids who live in Indiana, but he is still happy to spend it with people from the Charlottesville community.

"They were nice, the people here today are very beautiful and they're going out of their way to feed us homeless people," Hurd said.

Nelson Lewis, one Salvation Army guest, says he comes for dinner every year and each time it's a beautiful experience.  "Today is a gorgeous day to come out and enjoy the Thanksgiving feast that the Lord has prepared for us," he said.

The Salvation Army will host a second Thanksgiving dinner at 6:30 Thursday night.