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Fluvanna Supervisors Approve School Appropriation

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Fluvanna County supervisors have voted to give more funding to the county school system.

After months of battles and debates, a sigh of relief came for the Fluvanna County school system Tuesday night.

In 4 votes to 1 vote, the board of supervisors finally supported giving schools the $308,000 they needed to meet this year's budget gap.

Mike Sheridan, a Fluvanna County teacher, said, "Our teachers go to work every day and do nothing but try to help our children and somewhere, those guys that are the generals of this have to decide to meet in the middle."

"I think the board of supervisors provided the Band-Aid that the schools needed to be able to move forward," said Bill Sullivan of Focus on Fluvanna's Future. "I think my greatest concern moving forward now is how to maintain that momentum."

There was only standing room as teachers, parents, and even a few students waited to hear what was to come.

Supervisor Mozell Booker was given much of the credit for working consistently behind the scenes to make funding schools possible.  But the crowd gasped in surprise when Bob Ullenbruch, one of the most conservative supervisors, supported giving the extra money.

"I understand there was shock that I voted for it, but the fact of the matter is the teachers can't take any more of the impact and it's all been laid on them," Ullenbruch said.

Just a few weeks ago, Ullenbruch was quoted in the Daily Progress saying, "They need to address their own budget. If our finance department was $300,000 short, we wouldn't ask the school board for more money."

"It's kind of ironic that he's up here taking credit for making the right decision when previously he said he didn't want to have the school budget talk," Sullivan said.

But schools are not in the clear yet. Add Tuesday night's money to the $650,000 supervisors gave the school board in May, and the system will have $958,000 less next year.

The starting point for fiscal year 2014 will be approximately $12.2 million.  The Fluvanna County School Board will meet Wednesday at 8:30 a.m. at the Fluvanna School Board office regarding the 2012-2013  budget.  The school board is expected to determine if four furlough days are still necessary.  Supervisors expect to hear from the school board on December 5 regarding its plans to make up the $958,000.

The two bodies have discussed possibly closing Columbia and Cunningham elementary schools or moving to The Local Choice insurance, among other options.

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