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Sustainability Group Speaks Out on Changes to Comprehensive Plan

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A sustainability organization is proposing ways to preserve the quality of life.

Advocates for a Sustainable Albemarle Population (ASAP) held a press conference Monday afternoon to announce the changes it wants to see to Albemarle County's comprehensive plan.  The group hopes to see "a clearer vision" of what's in store for the county in the long run.

"Our mission is to raise knowledge and awareness about the costs of population growth and to propose tools that the community might use and policies to maintain an optimal sustainable size," said ASAP president Jack Marshall.

The group wants the new comprehensive plan to give specifics about the size and scale of the future. It hopes to have an optimal sustainability size in place by 2014.

"There's nothing in our plan that will give any normal citizen a good sense of what the vision is for our community over time," said urban planning professor Richard Collins.

ASAP says 165,000 is the most desirable population number.

Marshall said, "We have already, as a community, identified sustainability as a major focus and this is the essence of sustainability. If we can't limit our population growth, this place ain't going to be sustainable."

Albemarle County Supervisor Dennis Rooker says the group makes some valid points that will be considered.  He said, "I think what's important in their recommendations are that we have to be smart about the way we grow in this community."

The group says the change will simply make it easier to understand what's in store for the long haul.  They say boundary limits and zoning are just a few ways to reach its goals.

ASAP will present its proposals to the Albemarle County Planning Commission Tuesday evening at 6:00.

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